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At Impact Fitness we coach individuals at any fitness level, for nearly any endeavour. We strive to constantly upgrade the coaching profession by integrating and transcending the latest information available in all areas of health and wellness, including physical assessment, program design, nutrition and human behaviour. We view fitness as an evolving journey and exploration of the connection between spirit, mind and body while attempting to discover physical potential – leading to the discovery of purpose and longevity of oneself. At Impact Fitness, our commitment to continual learning and passion for sharing that knowledge ensures that our clients have the best experience possible in their pursuit of fitness: the Impact Fitness Experience.



“To support, inspire and empower others to live a larger life!”



  1. Integrity – Always do the right thing. Our business is built on long-lasting relationships, founded on trust.
  2. Challenge your beliefs and rethink what is possible
  3. Embrace where you are.
  4. Engage in growth relationships
  5. Commit to the journey
  6. Be resilient
  7. Empower others to live a larger life

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