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Our community at Impact Fitness represents a diverse group of people of all ages, all abilities, and all levels of experience. We embrace a fitness methodology that is accessible to everyone and that is supported by the most motivating community and coaching team. The thing that brings us all together is the goal of self-improvement and of finding a fitness of a lifetime. We’re proud to admit our community is our greatest strength and our greatest asset in the pursuit of health and fitness.

The process is simple: come to class, put in the effort, reap the results. Everything else is programmed for you by the best minds and most experienced coaches in the industry. Every class starts with a comprehensive warm-up, a focused skill or strength session, and then a fun, dynamic workout. We combine the best in traditional and non-traditional sports to build strength, increase stamina and endurance, and regain flexibility and agility. From gymnastics to weightlifting to cardio, we have it all!

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Impact Fitness has reignited my interest in my personal fitness. The combination of functional cardio training and weightlifting keeps the program interesting and challenging. The coaches are incredibly knowledgeable and motivating, and are invested in my continual progress and personal goals. The other members have become a source of inspiration in the gym as well! They keep me accountable to a consistent workout schedule and push me to perform my best during every workout. The community of people at Impact Fitness has made working out enjoyable, and I encourage everyone to visit and see just how much Impact Fitness can change your fitness outlook and motivation!

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Nicole Difelice

Personal Training Brampton

I have been a member with Impact Fitness for the past 2 months and I couldn't be happier. Starting at a new gym can always be a little daunting but the coaches and fellow members at Impact are extremely welcoming and supportive in helping you reach your personal goals.

Personal Training Brampton

The workouts are great, they push you outside your comfort zone but leave you wanting more. I 100% recommend this gym to anyone and everyone, the programming as well as the expertise of the coaches, allows for moderation in exercises to suit the goals and abilities of all fitness levels.

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Melissa Kennedy

Personal Training Brampton

I am now almost 54 years old and have been with Paul for 6 years. I am in better shape than in any other period of my life. What Paul does best is evolve. We all should look at our fitness life as a constant evolvement. It should change and no one does it better than Paul....He constantly strives to match our goals with new things that he is learning and bringing to our gym. Our gym is a great blend of fun and challenging...LOVE IT!

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Louis Isabella

Personal Training Brampton

As a working mom of two children, I found it very difficult to make time to take care of myself and be comfortable in an environment to work out in.

Since joining Impact, I am loving the new programming! The coaches provide great training on all of the movements and I have seen tremendous results these past eight months in my strength and weight loss. The class schedule is flexible so I can make it to the gym three times a week.

In addition to the training programs, Impact has a great community of members, which makes for a fun and enjoyable environment. I would definitely recommend Impact to anyone who is interested in improving their overall health, fitness and general well being. If however you like waiting for a workout machine, not knowing how to do an exercise properly or not reaching your fitness goals - Impact is not the place for you!



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Jennifer Sicilia

Imapct Fitness has been the greatest decision of my life. I came in to Impact wanting more than just working out at home watching videos. I was getting sick and tired of repeating the same stuff every day. I needed a way out and that is when I found Impact Fitness. I joined Impact Fitness in February 2017 to improve my fitness while having fun. I was instantly hooked! From the first day of the trial class to my last day at the end of June, there was never a single day that I didn’t want to go and workout! Impact covers everything from conditioning to strength training and that is the best part about it! You are working on all aspects of your body and you see changes from week to week. The programming is designed in such a way that you actually see results as you progress and there is nothing better than knowing how much you have grown!

I could barely do deadlifts when I first started, but 2 weeks in, my form and strength started to show! I would go home knowing that I had accomplished something that day and felt good about it. But the best part about Impact Fitness is the family environment and the supportive coaches. Everyone is encouraging and always cheering each other on. Impact Fitness has the best coaches! They do an amazing job to keep you motivated, encouraged and most importantly, in form! I would highly recommend Impact Fitness to my friends, family and anybody else looking for a gym! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Impact Fitness. 

Personal Training near Brampton

Navpreet Sanghra

Life Before Impact Fitness...I have never been a “Gym Guy”, nor did I ever think I would be one either. Why would I? I have never been overweight, never suffered from any medical conditions, never had problems sleeping and never “felt” out of shape and besides all that I didn’t have the time. Therefore, I didn’t really think I needed to make time for fitness in my life.  As far as I was concerned I was all good, no problems here…..or so I thought.

The road to my fitness epiphany can be attributed to several individuals who were both persistent and provided me with some invaluable encouragement. One person I must acknowledge and express my appreciation for is my girlfriend Sharleene (a member of Impact Fitness), it’s because of her that I found Impact Fitness and it is because of her loving motivational influence that I decided to give it a shot in the first place.

I had joined a generic gym (Goodlife) several months before joining Impact Fitness and I recall that my enthusiasm and commitment wasn’t really where it should have been.  I found it difficult to get both excited and motivated to do something that I really knew nothing about.  The alternative was paying for personal training sessions, which seemed costly for my level of commitment at the time.  Thankfully my better half continued to be both persistent and persuasive and after several months of chirping in my ear I finally came to my senses, listened to reason and decided to give CrossFit a try; and let me tell you just how exceptionally grateful I am!

My Impact Fitness Journey Begins….I never thought for a moment that joining a gym would so drastically impact my life in such a positive way.  From the first moment I walked through the doors at Impact Fitness I thought to myself, “this is something different; this looks like it could be…..FUN!”.  I will be honest, at first, FUN it was not!  It took me getting a taste of my first WOD (Workout of the Day) to make me realise just how out of shape I was and more to the point how my unhealthy lifestyle was doing me no favours.  In other instances I may have felt like, “maybe this isn’t for me” or “maybe I should start with something more familiar”.  But this time something was different; it was the people in my company (coaches and members) and the atmosphere they created which allowed me to simply feel humbled but NOT DEFEATED.  This fundamental difference between a generic Gym and Impact Fitness was paramount in changing my perception, my attitude and most importantly my actions towards how I would continue to live my life!   

18 Months into My Impact Fitness Journey…..When Christina and Paul asked me to write a “short testimonial” I immediately and without hesitation replied that I was more than happy to oblige. Why wouldn’t I?  I mean if I truly believe in the Philosophy, Coaches and Members of Impact Fitness how could I not? Because of my enthusiasm I thought that I would be able to write something quickly, off-the-cuff and would email it back in a few days.  However, something happened that I didn’t expect.  The more I wrote, the more I began reflecting on my journey, and the more I reflected on my journey, the more I realised how much this lifestyle change has enhanced my life and just how grateful I am for that growth.  I can’t imagine ever going back to the “old me”, no matter how hectic life gets.  Sure there are still many improvements that I have to make and goals that I have not even come close to reaching, nevertheless, what gives me the most immense feeling of satisfaction, what I love most about my progression, is that for the first time in many years I have stopped to enjoy the journey instead of anticipating the destination.

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to not just the coaches at Impact Fitness but the members too, both parties have been instrumental in much of the success I have realised thus far.  Thank you to Paul and Kirsten for your patience, encouragement, knowledge and enthusiasm.  The new programming is terrific, I have always enjoyed the challenge of CrossFit and the fierce WOD’s that come with it but now as a member of Impact Fitness I have the added benefit of strength building programs designed and executed by experienced and knowledgeable coaches that will systematically help me to improve my performance in those WOD’s.

I look forward to continuing my journey of personal improvement with Impact Fitness, to achieving the goals I have set out and most importantly living a more healthy and complete lifestyle and enjoying every moment each step of the way.

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Simon Sperling

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